code email inter design STAFF #karcher
code home design STAFF #karcher
asset breakdown STAFF #karcher
#karcher product categories design STAFF
#karcher home page designs STAFF
#karcher guided experience designs STAFF
#karcher cust sign up design STAFF
chase payment steve r
add required @ in email input - bro coffee
new date selector bro coffee
call with NOQ team in NZ #noq
add employee name select bar #karcher
login page and function WH #karcher
logout function (WH) #karcher
send client update video and invoice warehouse app #karcher
Registration prompt below is static when returning to app. Can we have a cross to navigate the user to close the register pop up which should allow them to go to login area or directory when they go back to use the app. STEVE
Info screen 2 title reads: Earn Points As You Spend. Please change this to Earn Points. The description reads: Earn points when you spend by presenting your digital card. Please change this to: Accumulate points to redeem voucher codes STEVE
Silversea don’t use a card system at all-is it possible to prevent the bar code STEVE
Please change My Card heading to My Account
use new images sent for Silversea & Whitehouse-please see email 31 January STEVE
add checkbox function #karcher
animation for fetch complete #karcher