بينَ عينِهِ، والمَهَا نَسَب.
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#email Create public roadmap on Trello.
#email Show max usage per day in (open) page.
#email Show graph for used credits per user.
#email Show busiest day in usage.
#email Save weekly average waiting time to forward email.
#email Save weekly average waiting time to have a new user registration.
#email Save weekly average waiting time to have a new mask email.
#office Get some advice from investment-specialist regarding the ideas list.
#office Checkout some serverless services.
#tabzone Show indicator if it's still work time there (in the different timzone).
#tabzone Make the design responsive.
#tabzone Show one folder of the bookmarks on the body of the tab. (folder will be configurable by the user).
#tabzone Cache the photos and show them more than once from cached result.
#tabzone Fix midnight issue.
Screenshot 2019-04-18 at 00.37.44.png
#tabzone Allow user to block specific wallpaper from not showing again.
#ndicators Show some graphs depend on user inputs on the website.
#ndicators Open registration for visitors.
#hijri Start coding the first page.
#savenow Implement the landing page design
Link my profile to my Github.
#drupa Trying State API and Drupal Temstore.
#drs [API] Add new service to upload user photo.
#drs [API] Upload files to AWS instead of current server.
#drupal Fix configuration conflicts between stage and dev environments.