#drupal Setup some PHPStorm plugins for Drupal 8.
#drupal Build custom multistep form for registration.
#drupal Write online meeting policy.
#drupal Write down all online office hours tasks.
#drupal Create custom registration form.
#drupal List all tasks that can be do by volunteers.
#maru Check the Git URL and make sure it is validated before save it in local storage.
#maru Improve native error dialog to show custom error message.
#drupal Write a policy naming convention for the project.
#drupal Create new custom form for custom site settings.
#drupal Find a proper way to save sync config of Drupal 8 in the project.
#drupal Collect list of common used contrib modules like (admin_toolbar, rabbit_hole, robotstxt, captcah .. etc) and require them for the project.
#drupal Require composer package globally (https://github.com/hirak/prestissimo) to help download package faster in parallel.