#maru Create new repo for Maru desktop application.
#office Working on Google Maps API javascript to try to show dynamic results on drag-end event.
#drs Design settings screen and write the technical details in the wiki.
Screenshot 2019-05-20 at 19.47.54.png
#drs Document the details of update user profile in the wiki.
#drs [API] Implement user edit.
#drs Use first two characters of user name as a default avatar.
#drs Extend caching time for user avatars and add timestamp for last update to refresh cached file.
#email Start preparing the service to accept custom domain.
#email Create new Airtable base for new features.
#drs Review project documentation.
#drs Review iOS build 19 and comment on Github issues.
#drs [API] Prepare user details for record screen.