Gleb Kotov
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  • 📅 May '19
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Design, create and send newsletter about the last update #timemator
Add facebook pixel to the website #timemator
Create a video about new features in Timemator 2 and upload it to youtube
Update website for the new version #timemator
Complete the welcome window #timemator
Bildschirmfoto 2019-09-27 um 23.16.03.png
German translation for Activity Timeline #timemator
Add support for latests versions of Firefox, Nightly and Dev Edition #timemator
AL Timeline: completed ALEntry popover #timemator
AL Timeline: update timeline colors #timemator
AL Timeline: make mouse following "smoother" #timemator
AL Timeline: delay log recording #timemator
AL Timeline: make highlight animation on mouse over #timemator
Complete the popover view for Activity Log entries #timemator