update payment info for "registered agent" bullshit
write launch funnel outline #reactd3js
send free upgrade to dude who bought old version #reactd32018
submit CFP to dotJS
write launch funnel story blurb #reactd32018
rewatch some Ramit videos #reactd32018
reply to new BigClient lead
read through my collection of "Why people bought thing" to prime brain for copywriting while I go for run
schedule email for friday
pay off credit card
great success 👨‍🍳
win all the boyfriend points
progress update call with client
make valentine cheese caje
work on launch funnel outline #reactd32018
send high res cover image to hsribei #reactd32018
buy reactfordataviz.com and reactfordatavisualization.com #reactd32018
cut up revenue into paying off CC and set aside for taxes
set up DNS for custom covnertkit domain
write about winston.js #200wordsTIL