run 23km
make ravioli
record clips for vlog
enable deleting addresses #jamcommerce
fix bug with empty addresses #jamcommerce
buy sketch 😒
order refills for my shipping pen
follow up on an email for #bigclient
go to bed before midnight for once
customer inbox 0
ask Kuldar about doing things for me
followup with Other Potential Big Client
update aws billing info
update billing info
1 hour stationary bike and Breakthrough Advertising
first call with other potential big training client
update #jamcommerce dude on progress
change password form #jamcommerce
persist edited profile info #jamcommerce
edit profile on account page #jamcommerce
show profile info on profile page #jamcommerce
update certs on
kickoff meeting
sign $100k consulting/training gig
final amended comtract review
move address creation logic to generalized AddAddress component #jamcommerce m
follow up on Big AlmostCertain Client
follow up on stubhub workshop moneys