Swizec Teller
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  • 📅 Oct '17
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fix ![](giphy:bla) syntax on new blog #blog
add giphy support like on techletter.app #blog
add analytics to gatsby blog #blog
make video proof of 30min build for a whole webapp
fix giphy downloads #blog
get back to Rob on designer selection
fix a bunch of issues with history conversion #blog
livecode getting wordpress to markdown #blog
dinner with ben and swyx
smol prep for talk later today
livecode building a smol jamstack+serverless app in 1h
reply to everyone who said site was broken #serverlesshandbook
send ad materials to cooper press for the rest of buy #serverlesshandbook
assemble new office chair
add images to first chapter, realize it doesn't work well #serverlesshandbook
update to use published version of useAuth #sparkjoy