manage to pack everything for camping trip on motorcycle
fix my CK embed
fix thumbnail linking bug #TechLetterApp
get info from CK why my recaptcha wasn’t workinng
progress on hybrid animation section #reactd32018
look at client's integration and give tips for how to unshoot their foot
fix bug with manual linking instead of thumbnails #TechLetterApp
enable automatic linking to twitter usernames #TechLetterApp
publish today's email as a twitter thread because CK is down
livecode trying to implement automatic twitter username linking #TechLetterApp
publish some clarification on yesterday's article
a bunch of customer support
change auth0 password that I leaked on youtube
make intro video for hybrid animation #reactd32018
adapt old blogpost as intro of new section #reactd32018
set up cookbook section on Teachable #reactd32018
fix image links in cookbook section #reactd32018
assemble cookbook section #reactd32018
verify convertkit slideup form can close now
deposit tax return
twitter thread for today Bed rest is an analog for simulating the effects of weightlessness on physiological systems