find out from crowdcast support that reminder emails don't actually work at all #modernapp
trimmed video of session 2 #modernapp
send first session recap #modernapp
send first session to Rev for captioning/transcription #modernapp
export trimmed video of first session #modernapp
record tweens walkthrough video #reactd32018
intro video for custom tweens #reactd32018
make myself cry by looking at clickthroughs for a tweet that went a little viral
livecode a jQuery v. React v. Svelte app
send everyone a quick explanation of what's going on #modernapp
call with potential freelance client
figure out an okay way to do scheduled live streams #modernapp
a bunch of customer support
send monday email
write out a basic roadmap #modernapp
livecode trying Svelte
start the process to maybe hire Josh Doody to help me negotiate an offer