agree to sponsor nocsdegree
give VA all info she needs to set up location discounts on Gumroad #reactfordataviz
livecode exporting wordpress to gatsby #blog
write articlea and set up email
use purchase power parity to display prices #reactfordataviz
make published version of bigmac index library actually work
publish library for calculating purchase power parity prices based on the Big mac Index
get big mac index purchasing power parity calculator almost working #reactfordataviz
tea with github founder
almost get export blog to markdown working #blog
fix re-renders bug #useAuth
expose idToken for folks who asked #useAuth
spreadsheet with big mac index pricing #reactfordataviz
decide to use BigMacIndex for pricing during next launch #reactfordataviz
schedule email for tomorrow morning
livecode a bit of progress on the blog redesign #blog
buy iphone to smuggle into the homeland next week
start using all contributors #useAuth
prepwork for industry insider pilot episode