reuse today's twitter thread as an email to the list
write twitter thread for tomorrow
try to livestream flutter again and good grief my computer sucks #mileagetracker
help customer with dynamodb question #modernapp
cancel remarq subscription
get Flutter running locally #mileagetracker
attemtp to livestream using Flutter #mileagetracker
renew business registration in SF
get to CA franchise phone anyway, find out I paid with teh wrong form and that's why I have a balance now -.-
give up trying to reach CA franchies board by phone and pay up
set up sessions 5 & 6 on teachable
some light customer support
write session 6 recap and schedule send #modernapp
submit session 6 for subtitles #modernapp
pay estimated federal taxes like a real grownup
accounting distributions for moneys from past few weeks
send recap for session 5 #modernapp