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buy serverlesshandbook.dev #serverlesshandbook
publish blog and schedule email
create list of issues left to resolve with conversion #blog
get image downloads to work correctly #blog
fix wordpress to markdown conversion
publish version 0.4.3 #useAuth
setup renewal payment for motorcycle insurance
export wordpress to markdown #blog
come up with title for next big writing project – Serverless Handbook for Frontend Engineers
publish blog about getting my AWS suspended
fix the email that was breaking convertkit #modernapp
tell folks about teachable and send latest recap etc #modernapp
put all remaining sessions on teachable #modernapp
setup estimate tax payment
followup with client about potential project
deal with being listbombed
get back to cooperpress about sponsorship
refund dude who accidentally bought twice #reactfordataviz
schedule email, setup FB boost, etc
publish deep and thoughtful blog comparing europe and san francisco
figure out how much credit card I can pay off without violating accounting guardrails
reach out to cooperpress about sponsorhips
reach out to amazon about my suspended aws account