some customer emails
add bit about my open source d3blackbox HOC #reactd32018
write react hooks chapter #reactd32018
colorize tags for client project
add nice focus transition to client project
followup with techmisth support
merge pandocification of teh things #reactd32018
livecode a silly experiment building a useVue react hook
write positioning doc so I can bang out sales page mvp tomorrow morning #reactd32018
add middle chart to client project
add tags visualization stuff
add routing to DXP form for client project
get the damn gradients working
fix dataviz calculations for client project
fix star svg in client project
finish Ramit's landign page course #reactd32018
set up email send, facebook, and twitter
half of Ramit's BehindtheSalesPage course #reactd32018
watch vid1 of mod2 in Ramit course #reactd32018
send broken file to camtasia tech support #reactd32018
record hooks fix bugs video #reactd32018
livecode record hooks refactoring #reactd32018
update payment info for "registered agent" bullshit
write launch funnel outline #reactd3js