send email that we're takign a break this week #modernapp
notify on Slack that we're taking a break this week #modernapp
schedule email for immediate send
update salary negotiation doc for Josh Doody
implement form validations for client project
write session 8 recap and setup email #modernapp n
call with google HR lady
outline recap for session 8, but too hungry to finish #modernapp
trim session 8 video #modernapp
add segmetrics to and
setup recap to send tomorrow #modernapp
write recap Session 7 #modernapp
reuse today's twitter thread as an email to the list
write twitter thread for tomorrow
try to livestream flutter again and good grief my computer sucks #mileagetracker
help customer with dynamodb question #modernapp
cancel remarq subscription
get Flutter running locally #mileagetracker
attemtp to livestream using Flutter #mileagetracker