Brahma Reddy Chilakala

What are some good email address validation npm libraries?

I think there are quadrillion valid email patterns, so using a library is πŸ™Œ . One other very solid way to validate an email is sending an actual email to that address. Let the user click a link and then flag the mail as verified. I usually stick to the HTML attribute or check for an @ (if anything).


How are you handling emails for your side-projects?

I'm using a paid (email) hosting where I can add unlimited domains. So I setup DNS records and an SMTP account. Would not recommend it, but its flexible and cheap :) ( - they only provide their service in german unfortunately)

Marc KΓΆhlbrugge

What if rather than losing your streak count during an off-day, it drops by 1 (or more) ? #wip

Resting and going on vacations is crucial! I thought about this for a while now and does it even matter if someone spams #life todos? It even takes effort to build a streak with fake todos.
I like the idea of reducing the streak by 1 every day though.. But I dont think it will stop non-work activities.

Maybe we should be able to flag #life-projects, let the crowd decide whats BS and exclude these flagged projects from the streak-calculation.