There are probably people who can live a life on 5 or less hours of sleep, as there are people who smoke and do not get cancer..
For the majority of people 7-8 hours is still the best.
I would not decrease the amount of sleep, but would work on the quality: dark room, temperature and less interruptions 🙌

I think there are quadrillion valid email patterns, so using a library is 🙌 . One other very solid way to validate an email is sending an actual email to that address. Let the user click a link and then flag the mail as verified. I usually stick to the HTML attribute or check for an @ (if anything).

Hey thanks for the feedback. Directly changed the text color. I’ll address the other issues in the next version!
Do you mean that its not obvious that the dashboard view is the public view?

Pricing is kind of random at the moment. Need to figure that out. Im pretty sure to charge every user (after a free trial) right away. Whitelabel and API access is on my before-launch-list.

+1 for the noun project. also one icon costs $1,99 if you want the royalty free license - which is a fair price 🙂

Ah, yeah. That should be a good deal. Thanks Tammo! 😊

I'm using a paid (email) hosting where I can add unlimited domains. So I setup DNS records and an SMTP account. Would not recommend it, but its flexible and cheap :) ( - they only provide their service in german unfortunately)

API -> unstated -> components.. Dont know if that qualifies as MVC 😄