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How did @levelsio hide the text on his Makebook landing page?
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@adamleo is this a particular program that scrabbles the HTML

Mixedmedia & Multimedia Visual Artist who loves making digital stuff

→"a particular program that scrabbles the HTML"
Do any of you know there is a similar open-source code out there? 🤔😍

What platform should I use to live stream coding session? and why?
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Use Twitch first, and then broadcast the recording on Youtube. Twitch's audience is more sophisticated, while Youtube is the general population 😉

How has WIP helped you as a maker?
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It is helping me get a lot more done and not live in my head. It also shows me how productive the top makers are and how much more I need to produce on a daily basis. I love this tool.

US Based - Quickest way to get Ownership Agreement and NDA generated? I need to pay a designer and dev for some work.
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unless you are doing some patented work - I would not worry about. But an email chain will hold up in court in the US