launch publicly πŸ™Œ
exapand the final product explanation. β€œToday/Tomorrow switching though β€” from a really small sample of people I tested it with locally, nobody found the "Tomorrow" tab because they thought it was part of the branding or didn't notice it at all.”
submit to case study club on launch #internships #pofo
republish audio on done case study by choosing edit > republish audio
make sure canonicals are correct
share tweet on twitter and reach out for awareness
publish to medium later tonight
submit to creative portfolios on launch #internships #pofo
submit to bestfolios on launch #internships #pofo
add canonical to meta tags for Medium post - per page #pofo #internships
remove shade from portfolio
give more info about Foreign Ipsum & try to turn it into a case study
reach out to a few designers to review portfolio before applying
change card position to be: 1. Done 2. Foreign Ipsum 3. Yelp 4. Haptic Air
add image to about section
add keywords to site