Tony Tong
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  • 📅 Aug '18
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Are you asking because you want to test some payment gateway?

Or is it more of an angle to get access to paid products?

I’m a college student, I think Instagram/ Snapchat are popular for that demographic, especially moving content/ short video snippets.

Depending on what you are selling, I feel LinkedIn has a very formal business formal feel, like not the place to sell casual shirts/ e-commerce products.

Thanks for your thoughts. I should clarify: looking at marketing to graduate students. I still think Instagram is a good platform for this demographic.

I follow step 2!

What are your thought on it? I think it gets rid of putting books on a pedestal

Awesome, what's the best way to contact you?

I can't seem to find your user on the telegram chat!

Hey this was really useful, thanks! :)

I'm not using a Gsuite email account so that method does not work!

Thanks tho!

No, I did not /refresh, it works now, thanks for the heads up! 😎

sweet, lookin' good!

Thanks Sander, it does show within Telegram but not within this WIP dashboard!

Are you sure you did /refresh to the bot?