Tony Tong
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Made form edits to the app's CRUD functionality!
Create UPDATE and DELETE request connections with backend
Started basic work on mapping cookies
Add list of friendship quotes to random on app
Reach out to 50 people in PH FB chat to request for beta feedback
Send Emily her times for next marketing session before EOY
Decided against using modal nested components as it was too confusing
Book date with Paul on technical consultation before EOY
Added eventBus to speak between Vue components
Explore Twitch after launch and plan #openstartup strategy
Analysis of Thinking In Models course (put in Mindmeister)
Check out Michael Simmon’s Course and take notes (put in Mindmeister)
Create sales pitch for Tom deal
Check medium publications in 4 days (17 Sep) and email admin if not published yet
Started clickable prototype for first tech product
post 1 medium article this week