Write the draft for "About" page #oneclicktest
Make shadows of messages blocks more light on tests pages #oneclicktest
Make <body> background more light on tests pages #oneclicktest
Work on UI for results page #oneclicktest
Third day of Alfa Future People 2019
Second day of Alfa Future People 2019
First day of the Alfa Future People 2019
Some improvements for tooltips for copy link buttons #oneclicktest
Fix bug with gallery buttons disabling #oneclicktest
Some improvements for the sharing block #oneclicktest
Fix bug where the hidden mobile menu overlapped the button for cancel creating test #oneclicktest
Hint for copy result link #oneclicktest
Hint for copy test link #oneclicktest
Hint for cancel test creating button #oneclicktest
Record comments to tasks in the DB #oneclicktest
Record the result of the task in the DB #oneclicktest
Get the number of the selected option for the "choice" tasks #oneclicktest
Get click coordinates for a task #oneclicktest
Get time spent on a task #oneclicktest