Buy a new smartphone in exchange for stolen
Started remaking layout for the results page #oneclicktest
Different CSS styles for two types of header #oneclicktest
Make design layout for results page #oneclicktest
Make design layout of two header kinds for login and unlogin users #oneclicktest
Change community group url in website header #oneclicktest
Work on UI layout for results page #oneclicktest
Write the post about community group at IH #oneclicktest
Make OneClickTest group public – #oneclicktest
Fix bug with background image size for sharing buttons #oneclicktest
Post photo for #ShareYourStudio day on Patreon –
Write the draft for "About" page #oneclicktest
Make shadows of messages blocks more light on tests pages #oneclicktest
Make <body> background more light on tests pages #oneclicktest
Third day of Alfa Future People 2019