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outline the remaining missing tests so I have a better picture of work ahead #newsletty
finish account tests and fix bugs found due to that #newsletty
add first sets of tests and make sure everything works in ci #newsletty
bump hugo version for and fix issues due to that #stuff
drop newsletter signup from for now as I am not using it #stuff
clean out all projects from gitlab, archive old projects, set up active ones on github and point netlifly to them were necessary #stuff
update email address in various places #stuff
move discord-notifier to github #stuff
redirect website to post explaining why its rip #adsfromsource
forward old, no longer active website/url to personal site #stuff
point netlify to new github repo #newsletty
migrate project to github and set up tests runner #newsletty
fix error with github action when tests fail and chromedriver doesn't exit #stuff
learn enough about github actions to build my own workflows as I need them #stuff
check out github actions to see how it compares with gitlab #stuff
Add and set up hound and add first test to see if everything is working #newsletty
Improve redirect/destinations after some CRUD actions #newsletty
Show flash messages for error cases where it makes sense #newsletty
Add basic flash elements to html/css so we can show messages #newsletty
Fix dashboard links being visible when not logged in #newsletty