move last vestiges off of OVH #stuff
clean up bookmarks that piled up over the years and maybe move to a different place than browser to keep them #stuff
Ads From Source
read into wallaby tests and PropEr to replace/extend integration tests with operational tests #adsfromsource
write blog about intentions of #adsfromsource
add terms & privacy pages #adsfromsource
implement create/update for properties #adsfromsource
write tests for create/update of properties #adsfromsource
implement create/update of specific slots for properties #adsfromsource
write test for slots creation/update #adsfromsource
allow properties & slots to be deleted but keep data (aka soft delete) until everything is wrapped up #adsfromsource
test deletion of properties/slots #adsfromsource
make layout for advertiser-facing "buy" site #adsfromsource
implement buying of ads #adsfromsource
improve date/duration pick UX for ads from just having a dropdown #adsfromsource
think about how to best display ads with regards to scheduling and how approving one ad might invalidate another #adsfromsource