read into wallaby tests and PropEr to replace/extend integration tests with operational tests #adsfromsource
write blog about intentions of #adsfromsource
add terms & privacy pages #adsfromsource
set up twitter searches/google alert etc #adsfromsource
allow properties & slots to be deleted but keep data (aka soft delete) until everything is wrapped up #adsfromsource
test deletion of properties/slots #adsfromsource
think about how to best display ads with regards to scheduling and how approving one ad might invalidate another #adsfromsource
rework header so menu is on the same height as logo on mobile layout to save space #adsfromsource
Add email capture for "maybe" users to keep them on taps #adsfromsource
Add section about who made ads from source, link to personal twitter #adsfromsource
write tests to make sure others can't access/edit resources that don't belong to them 🤦‍♀️ #adsfromsource
add email alternative -> time savings argument to #adsfromsource & ask for feedback about 'wordy' landing pages
add 404/500 error pages #adsfromsource
implement buying of ads #adsfromsource
make sure twitter cards work for the order-pages and is unique for each property #adsfromsource
add a 'pay to fast-track a feature starting at $$$' to the feedback page #stuff