rough sketch out steps to properly schedule sending of newsletter posts with proper progress tracking #newsletty
mount and set up new router of new isp #newsletty
allow "_" and "-" as part of the post slug #newsletty
further improve upload handling #newsletty
simplify upload handling a bit more #newsletty
include editor in draft, posts, about and bio pages #newsletty
fix getting post by slug failing in some cases #newsletty
add quick-access to image options for hotlinked images #newsletty
auto prepend https to links #newsletty
use content-type to determine file extension #newsletty
add nicer error message for upload failures #newsletty
improve upload store to no longer need a separate database table to stay consistent #newsletty
make sure editor doesn't mess with my urls #newsletty
allow gif and svg uploads as well for now #newsletty
improve sanitizer to work with more html tags, their attributes and also allow a specific set of styles on a tag-basis through #newsletty
start adding plugins for functionality that'll be nice to have in an editor #newsletty
define allowed set of tags, their attributes and styles #newsletty
add skin css for editor #newsletty
add basic config for menu & statusbar #newsletty