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update private automation script for extra fancyness #stuff
get a list of country codes for billing details and mark the ones that are/require eu_vat #newsletty
make basic payment/subscription signup work, very rough work though #newsletty
fix how products/plans are defined so correct names show up on invoices #newsletty
create metered pricing for emails in stripe #newsletty
create product and base-fee plan in stripe #newsletty
Track stripe customer on user instead of newsletter & require for live #newsletty
Make setting up Stripe Connect account optional #newsletty
Split out pricing to own controller/changesets #newsletty
rethink how pricing works and define plans #newsletty
migrate from notion to just plain text / markdown files for notes, ideas, bookmarks etc. to stay clear from closed down systems #stuff
migrate everything but pictures back to dropbox as icloud isn't ready / has worse multiplatform support #stuff
Update tests to take new stripe authorization step into account #newsletty