revert trix to use div+br for better email client support instead of p #newsletty
add basic template for the plain-text part of the email #newsletty
split up transactional and newsletter mail modules/views for better code separation #newsletty
sanitize posts by only allowing set of white-listed tags and attributes #newsletty
research how to best build up the email HTML for a newsletter #newsletty
ask for & save timezone of newsletter #newsletty
decide how to handle post updates while a newsletter is sending #newsletty
move commit_uploads into context instead of controller #newsletty
add worker to auto-clean non-committed uploads every few hours #newsletty
move common elements around the editor into template-partial for better reuse #newsletty
track upload delete/adds correctly and only persist those changes upon from-change #newsletty
set correct drafts/post index order by #newsletty
fix issue with trix where loading a post with figures that had no caption now have the filename as caption, instead of remaining empty #newsletty
add list of published posts and delete draft button #newsletty
reuse "draft editor" code with published posts #newsletty
add unpublish post button #newsletty
assign newsletter to all controllers where it is required #newsletty
ensure <figure> tags are not inside <p> tags (not semantic HTML) but have their own (<div>) block instead #newsletty
make <p> default tag for trix #newsletty
add config to only accept image-files in the file-picker #newsletty
switch #newsletty to use my own trix fork
add new button icons for heading1-3 to trix #newsletty
add h2 and h3 to existing h1 heading #newsletty
add support for inline-code (besides code blocks) to trix #newsletty
add ability to set image alt text to trix #newsletty