create dedicate content-type for standalone pages like about/archive/newsletter #stuff
fix description in meta-tags containing html tags and breaking site #stuff
make single pages render actual content of posts #stuff
make TILs and quotes render correctly alongside blog posts on the homepage #stuff
make blog post show up correctly on page index #stuff
add footer and newsletter section #stuff
add old blog posts back in with updated tags for design refresh
get og/twitter/schema meta tags working #stuff
give hugo a re-read #stuff
tell ISP service rep he is wrong long enough until he realises the errors of his ways and actually fixes my internet #stuff
make a theme dir to better split blog content with look-and-feel #stuff
throw out old blog design and start anew because 2018 is ending #stuff
update personal twitter header with a nice photo I shot #adsfromsource
update website favicon and twitter card with new logo and text gradient #adsfromsource
update twitter header with new text gradient and update logo #adsfromsource
get logo to something I'm happy with #adsfromsource
remove booked_dates view as it is no longer required #adsfromsource
merge booked dates to continuous ranges so client side has less to calculate #adsfromsource
add tests to keep booked dates in check #adsfromsource
fix booked dates calc not working correctly #adsfromsource
create only one customer per property & email combo, and reuse for future orders #adsfromsource
clean up uploads after tests #adsfromsource
test property/slot archival and restore #adsfromsource
add test to verify property/slot identifiers can't be changed after creation #adsfromsource
Update unit tests for ad creation and its status changes #adsfromsource
approving ad declines other overlapping ones #adsfromsource
saturate logo colors a bit more #adsfromsource