configure better plt paths for dialyzer to improve CI caching and improve build times #adsfromsource
update dialyzer to v1.0 #adsfromsource
update property/slot tests for recent changes #adsfromsource
take first stab at new blog/personal website design #stuff
always show the minimum duration #adsfromsource
better error messages for wrongful duration selection #adsfromsource
add client and server side checks to ensure week intervals go from mon-sun and month from first do last day of a month #adsfromsource
add minimum interval selection (day, week, month) #adsfromsource
auto close the calendar if the duration was long enough, otherwise stay open so user sees what changed from what they picked #adsfromsource
fix date calculation bug because datetime + programming is the worst #adsfromsource
persist interval / cost / total cost with the ad #adsfromsource