create prospect list (50) #segmentwizard
find 3 items to fix on each (use SOP sheet) #segmentwizard
enhance the data set (profiles & emails) #segmentwizard
write out the emails/DMs #segmentwizard
reach out to each prospect #segmentwizard
If there’s a match in the unique 32 character hash, the system redirects the User to a success page #tribereminder
in case of a successfully verification, the system adds a recurring email reminder, based on the interval associated with a particular social_group #tribereminder
setup a Red Alert server (OpenRA) on RPi
read more about Dokku & a 3-in-1 VPS setup possibility
request end of lease at Co-Working Space
write reference for Skalisty on AirBnB
apply for CSR & TSA-Pre
power schedule FoundersGameNight via BufferApp
create new job listing for Jr. Business Developer
write test tasks for content writers #opsyard
send out onboarding email to content writers #opsyard
catch up on invoicing #opsyard
hire additional Q&A person #opsyard