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Get AirPods Pro gift from my wife ❤️
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Love those. Transparency mode is great in public 👌

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@marc Hmm.., not sure I understand. It's basically a way to "unmute" the noise cancellation right? What makes it great?

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

@wilbertliu It's more than that!

Normally when you wear earbuds it blocks out surrounding sounds. Even if it doesn't have noise-cancellation or it's turned off.

But with transparency mode it actually picks up surrounding sounds and plays them back in your ear so you can hear the world around you, while still listening to your podcast, music, directions, etc. What makes it great is that it automatically adjusts the volume of surrounding sounds so that for example you can still hear the loud truck, but it doesn't interfere with what you're listening to. Opposed to regular earbuds where large sounds make you pause the podcast and softer sounds (like someone walking behind you) are completely silenced.

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@marc Oh wow.. You make me can't wait to try it in public. Appreciate your thorough explanation Marc. I could imagine myself being in the crowd. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼