tweet pre-order access and link to landing page for #klicc on makersup -
tweet out winners for 24hrstartup on #makersup
start curating team's favorite 24hrstartup products for #makersup thread -
purchase levels' MAKE book on cyber monday sale
finish an interview with anne-laure for her editorial post about #makersup
catch a namecheap promo for a domain
check out cyber monday deals
map out plan for first official blog post for #makersup - team reviews on favorite #24hrstartup products
check out if worth purchasing
purchase azimov's progress bar osx - i need to get more things done in a day
push back #klicc for further validation & development
finish polishing logo & name for ph makers fest #klicc
curate early subscriber perks for #klicc
arrange timeline for 24hrstartup tweets for #makersup
map out timezones and scheduling for #makersup live tweeting of 24hrstartup
send business management survey questions to company asap
finalize & announce indiestartuppost merging & joining the #makersup team
finish setting up buymeacoffee page for #makersup -
create twitter header merging both posters for #makersup