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We hold each other accountable πŸ’ͺ

All todos are public and added to our maker profiles. That way everyone can see what the rest is working on.

Samarth Jajoo:
add track genres as tags on current playing #skrrt
Samarth Jajoo:
add better date parsing #skrrt
Mason Medeiros:
Add blogging features to personal site #metamas
Jeroen Riemens:
finish demo design #prototypekit
Joan Cardona:
investigate the issues for FAA where all the questions are always the same #pplExams

We ship every single day 🚒

Together we complete almost 2,000 todos a week. That means every 5 minutes someone on WIP completes a todo.

✨ Jeff Triplett ✨:
fourth day back at day job. more docker updates for OSS project #mylife
Stefan Wuthrich:
tasks job admin #fullstackjob
working refinement list on map. Users can now filter for a specific skill #skillmap
Jelmer de Boer:
artikel voor algemeen dagblad schrijven over instagram #self
Miguel Piedrafita:
Use site favicon on nav #sitesauce

Groupchat done right.

Making you more productive

"A group chat?! Wouldn't that just distract me from getting actual work done?"

While historically group chats are quite distracting, we do things a little differently here at WIP. We have plenty of memes (believe you me!), off-topic chats, and all that fun stuff. However we do focus most on the actual work. See, we have this nifty little bot called @wipbot that lets us track our todos. Whenever someone adds or completes a todo it's automatically shared with the group which fosters a discussion around the very work we do.

"But I already have a todo list!"

WIP isn't meant as a replacement for your existing task management system. You can simply add the tasks you want to work on in the near future. That said you might be able to integrate your existing task management system with WIP using our open API.

Keep momentum πŸ”₯

Earn a shipping streak by completing at least one todo every day. The current record is held by Steph Smith shipping 398 days in a row.

What our members say

The group chat is so valuable for getting feedback, especially design feedback. Everyone is very helpful. My product looks so much better because of it. Also making and completing todos is really fun.

It gives me a sense of public accountability and a streak that I do not want to break. Having a streak to keep up is a very powerful motivator to ship something every day, even if it's just a bugfix or a small optimisation. It adds up over time!

I get a motivation boost to make progress every day just by being part of a community where everyone gets things done. Also keeping up the streak adds a lot of momentum to that.

Keeping up with fellow makers reminds me to ship more.

It is helping me get a lot more done and not live in my head. It also shows me how productive the top makers are and how much more I need to produce on a daily basis. I love this tool.

Just knowing that there's more people like me out there and that I can chat with them and help each other out is what makes WIP all worth it for me. It helps knowing you're not actually neither crazy nor alone in this journey :P

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