This week
All events across social VR metaverses
Last week
An app based community
Gut health
Biotech idea focused on microbiome
Writing app
A mac app for structuring your thoughts better when writing
Remote Resumes Listing
For people to post their resumes for remote work.
COVID-19 Journal Prompts
Generator of ideas to write about your pandemic experience
Cosmic Sounds
Alexa music skill made of space sounds
Member Hero
WordPress plugin - paid memberships/publications/newsletters
Support Your Locals
A way for small local businesses to sell giftcards online
Role Up
A web application to create job boards
Augmented Articles
Articles about augmented reality, virtual reality.
Resource for building, distributing and selling Mac apps.
complete 100 km run
Site for travelers who don't know where to go
Random projects and life tasks
Random projects and life tasks
Virtual parties for the middle-aged to enjoy the quarantine
Untitled note taking app
A note taking app that doesn't destroy your workflow
Squarular Feedback as you write your daily words.
IT Department as a service
Flamingo Filter
Flamingo Filter offers unlimited AR experiences.
Multi Purpose
Week of March 23
Builder Belt
Find the right software for construction workers.
project to help people in my home town.
Minimalist productivity app to stay focus.
Week of March 16
Corona Coping Inventory
Help people to stay healthy based on their personality