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Inspiring interviews and stories about bootstrapping.
Canggu Shortcut Cam
A 24/7 4K camera analyzed by OpenCV
Week of June 29
Where you put your digital loose change
351 | Portuguese Startup Community
Portuguese Startup Community
everything except work and running
GitHub notifications delivered to your Mac.
Week of June 22
Cloud Nuke
Safely delete AWS resources in 3 clicks!
A new social network for the future
Awesome Django
A curated list of awesome things related to Django.
GitHub Actions Tips
GitHub Actions Tips
Just gadgets I want to buy or have bought.
Trash Panda Capital
Acquiring& investing in no-code, info & productized services
For professional marketers to get actionable, no BS data.
Deep Work Sanctuary
Create your digital deep work sanctuary
Simple Portfolio
A tool for evaluating performance of a portfolio.
Helping teams work better together
Freelance dev work
Keeping track of my freelance work.
Keeping track of what I study.
Around the World in 250 Coworking Spaces
A book about traveling the world of coworking
It's an opinionated email rules engine.