string to isometric path conversion tool (inc colour groups) #wizardscollege
camera object generation, hooked up to keyboard events #wizardscollege
listeners for keyboard/mouse events tied to render cycle #wizardscollege
Menu routing logic when UI menu buttons are selected #wizardscollege
create ui button hierarchy from Data.objects db on game initialization #wizardscollege
read json files, upsert relevant game data db, and make data available to {UI} #wizardscollege
update location when Camera is moved #wizardscollege
setup 'Buy' module, replace current floor with selected floor from menu #wizardscollege
preview selected floor objects #wizardscollege
right-click to cancel active menues, modes, previews #wizardscollege
create Mouse object, track leftClick(x,y,tilex,tiley) and rightClick leftClick(x,y,tilex,tiley) #wizardscollege
ground: SVG paths and colours for wood, tile, stone, marble, carpet, path added to objects DB #wizardscollege