Finished huge design update for Venture Cost. Just a few details left until it's time to launch! Feel free to check it out, and let me know what you think: #venturecost
Went through all the pages to make sure everything is good to go for the big update tomorrow! #venturecost
Updated all pages to the new theme. Just a few small details before I can upload this huge re-design to the official server #venturecost
Finished the new design for the Trip page. Not super happy with it yet, but I guess I'll continue when I have new ideas how I can improve it 😇 #venturecost
Finished the new Expenses by Category view. Simply just shows the Top 5 expenses of each category. Nothing fancy, just had to be updated #venturecost
Finished tons of small fixes, and planned what to do next #venturecost
Finished comments! 🎉🎊 Added sweet notifications like "X replied to your comment", "X left a comment in..." and so on. When you click on the notification, it brings you to the comment and animates it kinda like Stackoverflow's highlight effect #venturecost
Trip comments done! I only have to make some fine changes to the notifications now... I want it more personalized, screenshots of that coming later! #venturecost
Day 2 of making the comments work. I can now create comments, and make it show up nicely after submitting. I only have to make the replies work, and send notifications then we're all set! #venturecost
Started working on the Trip comments. Pretty difficult task, but I think I got it under control #venturecost
Started sketching on the Trip page, I have like 8 Post-it notes laying around 😂 It's going to be a small trip description + title, with a comment section for each trip! #venturecost
New Trip page design. Looks fresh AF #venturecost
Started working on a Landing page for users who are not logged in (doing a completely separate one) #venturecost
Updated design for another page, might finish the UI update tomorrow if everything goes well! #venturecost
Finished the new Users page. Now showing Follow-button for each user, and if they follow you back... and a huge picture with a nice caption. Feedback appreciated! 😊 #venturecost
Updated the design on 4 pages. Not completely done, hopefully I'll have some screenshots for tomorrow! #venturecost
Started re-designing every single page. The app needs to look more modern, so I am adding more pictures and stuff #venturecost
Replaced the number of travelers by the Trip purpose for two reasons. To make it more clear that the cost is per person, and to show that different purposes of trips can be filtered. (Because obviously you spend more when you're on vacation!) #venturecost
Uploaded everything to the live server, and fixed some small issues #venturecost
Made it possible to see Followers/Followings, and added a button to quick-follow #venturecost
Completed the entire Notification System from scratch today! #venturecost
Made it possible to follow and unfollow people 👌 #venturecost
The new Profile Page is finally Live! Fresh design, Edit Profile-modal and other neat things added #venturecost
Hid unfinished trips from Profile page when using rating-filters (Because they have no rating yet...) #venturecost
Created a script to automatically sync my local database with the official server (One click, instead of 3 minutes clicking around) #venturecost
Cured my cold, finished all my client work and now I can Finally start working on #venturecost again 😍
Halfway done with the new profile page, going to look really good 👌 #venturecost
Started sketching on a new improved Profile page. There are things I want to add, but there's just not enough space with the current design #venturecost
Finished Event logging, which is also 50% work done for the notification system #venturecost
Added Event logging (Currently just for user events). Let the stalking begin 👀 #venturecost
Created an Admin page where I can approve trips from. Once a trip gets approved, the city & user cache gets updated... no need of unnecessary CRON jobs! #venturecost
Fixed a bug with the main container not filling up full width #venturecost
Uploaded everything to live server, and fixed a few bugs... lazy day #venturecost
Added loading placeholders for cities, countries and continents #venturecost
Added neat loading effect when waiting for trips to load! #venturecost
Finished Trip Filters on both User and Trips page. Going to extend it later to change the URL, and have more options later on #venturecost
Finished half the filters for Trips, did some progress even though I had a 10 hours work day :=) #venturecost
Fix issue with Create Trip-shortcut on the Start page not showing up properly #venturecost
Hovering a users categories on the profile page now shows a percentage of how much they spend in that category #venturecost
Added a neat function to autocorrect cities, so they point to the same picture, info, etc. #venturecost
Fixed trips having unset accommodation cost caused by a previous bug #venturecost
Fixed an issue with a trips accommodation not showing the initial values when creating a new trip #venturecost
Bug fixes and social media updating! #venturecost
Uploaded a somewhat stable version with all the changes I've made the past month #venturecost
Updated links to only link back to cities that are active (Meaning they have at least one approved trip) #venturecost
Finished the location cache! Averages and ratings are now automatically re-cached after any trip gets approved #venturecost
Started working on a location cache for cities, countries, continents and even the world. The cache will cover the average cost, ratings etc. #venturecost
Added stats for all cities while hovering (Average, ratings etc.) #venturecost
Finally added the tag on the Trip thumbnails to display the Average cost per month for each city that contains approved trips. Been looking forward to this for a long time 😻 #venturecost
Started working on the Trip cache, to store average ratings, prices etc. for all cities in the app. Already completed the cache-function, I'm on fire 🔥 #venturecost
Updated API to accept either Trip ID, or an array of Trip ID's #venturecost
Cleaned up the API, combined functions for error messages, and common functions that should've been done when I first wrote it.... #venturecost
Finished "Edit Trip" form front & back-end #venturecost
Figure out how to limit the app for free users #venturecost
Added a smooth & nice animation when opening a modal #venturecost
Back to some boring ol' work to pay the bills, glad I don't have to work every day at least 😜 #venturecost
Added "Edit Trip" button & form so users can edit their accommodation, budget, travelers, etc.. #venturecost
Updated the "Create New Trip"-form. Removed budget, and added Accommodation+cost instead #venturecost
Renamed database fields to make more sense, applied everywhere and started moving all the trip settings into a modal called "Edit Trip" to make things easier for the eye #venturecost
Cleaned up the code in the API, not a huge mess, but I managed to combine some functions here and there! #venturecost
Did some planning and sketches on the new Trip-layout. It's going to be LESS things on screen, and things that are more irrelevant things in modal(s). #venturecost
Added continents as a search filter for trips #venturecost
Added delay between Trip Requests #venturecost
Added animation when new Trips show up #venturecost
Finished the filtering of trips, just have to implement it everywhere now! #venturecost
Starting working on the filtering of trips, this is a tough one! #venturecost
Added stats while hovering a trip. Currently it shows the ratings a user has given the trip, but it will be extended to show some numbers later too #venturecost
Updated icon for food ratings from 🌮 to 🍔 #venturecost
Uploaded stable version, and implemented the new smart currency-picker to all forms #venturecost
Updated all forms from the old currency-select to the new one which supports ALL currencies, and not just the used ones for the trip. #venturecost
Re-designed the currency-select component (iOS-looking Checkbox). It now lets you select any currency, and auto-picks the one that you've set as your default. #venturecost
Added a Modal for Accommodation input, so you can enter the cost, plus eventual supported amount. This is so you can determine the true cost of the trip, and how much you paid. #venturecost
Added functionality to add Supported Accommodation/Expenses, so the trips have a proper value publicly #venturecost
Swap the emojis to real pictures to make the icons look good on all platforms #venturecost
Add a nice and green landing page #venturecost
Make it possible to give feedback to a completed trip for: Internet, Locals, Nightlife, Activities, Accommodation price, Walkability, Food prices #venturecost
Add bio on the user-page #venturecost
Display the number of people in a trip, and make it possible to change it #venturecost
Made it possible to re-submit a trip. Good for people like me, who submits and then realizes that you forgot to add something... #venturecost
Did some planning regarding the accommodation cost, and how to present the Actual cost versus a users cost #venturecost
Replaced old popover library with Popper.js #venturecost
Added Overhead Costs (Additional Expenses) to the app, making it possible to differentiate between expenses made specifically for the trip, and costs more related to your life, such as 1 years subscription to Netflix/Spotify #venturecost
Made it possible to submit a trip for review on the last day (And not just the days after) #venturecost
Changed the header color back to white because I can't make up my mind 😂 #venturecost
Number of travelers in a Trip now shows as "1 Person" or "2 People" etc. #venturecost
Added Twitter authentication, removed username and passwords, and converted all users #venturecost
Removed custom login and added Twitter login instead #venturecost
Added monthly and daily averages for trip costs #venturecost
The number of travelers can now be edited on the Trip-page #venturecost
Trips now show Accommodation and Expenses's average per month #venturecost
Trips on the user-page now displays the trips that are under review (If you are the owner) #venturecost
Added comma for thousands ($1000 now looks like $1,000) #venturecost
Update user cache after Approving a trip #venturecost
Prevent user from editing a trip if it's under review #venturecost
Marked trips requiring action with orange color, and a small blinking caption #venturecost
Show basic information about a user on the user-page (example: Number of trips) #venturecost
User Profiles now show the average cost of a trip (Accmmodation + Expenses) #venturecost
Added "Mark as Complete" for trips that are past, and simple review functionality in the admin panel #venturecost
Updated the Rendering-procedure of City and User-pictures to ignore already existing pictures #venturecost
Added 80 autocompleted suggestions for adding expenses #venturecost
Added a total breakdown of all expenses from all trips on the profile page #venturecost
Added 2 new cities: Barcelona and Paoay #venturecost
Fixed a bug where Safari didn't show the preferred currency in the footer #venturecost
Dropdown menu when clicking/hovering the profile picture in the header showing Profile, Notifications and Log out #venturecost
Design the logo, and add it on Social Media accounts and on the website #venturecost