Fixed tons of bugs #venturecost
Replaced old popover library with Popper.js #venturecost
Added Overhead Costs (Additional Expenses) to the app, making it possible to differentiate between expenses made specifically for the trip, and costs more related to your life, such as 1 years subscription to Netflix/Spotify #venturecost
Made it possible to submit a trip for review on the last day (And not just the days after) #venturecost
Changed the header color back to white because I can't make up my mind 😂 #venturecost
Number of travelers in a Trip now shows as "1 Person" or "2 People" etc. #venturecost
Add favicon #venturecost
Put app in Beta 👌 #venturecost
Added Twitter authentication, removed username and passwords, and converted all users #venturecost
Removed custom login and added Twitter login instead #venturecost
Added monthly and daily averages for trip costs #venturecost
The number of travelers can now be edited on the Trip-page #venturecost
Trips now show Accommodation and Expenses's average per month #venturecost
Trips on the user-page now displays the trips that are under review (If you are the owner) #venturecost
Added comma for thousands ($1000 now looks like $1,000) #venturecost
Update user cache after Approving a trip #venturecost
Prevent user from editing a trip if it's under review #venturecost
Marked trips requiring action with orange color, and a small blinking caption #venturecost
Show basic information about a user on the user-page (example: Number of trips) #venturecost
User Profiles now show the average cost of a trip (Accmmodation + Expenses) #venturecost
Added "Mark as Complete" for trips that are past, and simple review functionality in the admin panel #venturecost
Updated the Rendering-procedure of City and User-pictures to ignore already existing pictures #venturecost
Added 80 autocompleted suggestions for adding expenses #venturecost
Added a total breakdown of all expenses from all trips on the profile page #venturecost
Added 2 new cities: Barcelona and Paoay #venturecost
Fixed a bug where Safari didn't show the preferred currency in the footer #venturecost
Dropdown menu when clicking/hovering the profile picture in the header showing Profile, Notifications and Log out #venturecost
Design the logo, and add it on Social Media accounts and on the website #venturecost