Send out block of beta invites from 10words #budgetcool
Send out a block of beta invites from reddit #budgetcool
Convert main dashboard page to new styling #budgetcool
Convert account settings page to new styling #budgetcool
Convert stats page to new styling #budgetcool
Convert modal popup to new styling #budgetcool
Another round of invites from Mailchimp #budgetcool
Convert transactions page to new styling #budgetcool
Write back to reddit message and add plans for international currency formatting #budgetcool
Send out another few private beta invites to new subscribers #budgetcool
Convert sidebar to new styling #budgetcool
Finalize new global css properties and styles #budgetcool
Mockup quick design change for the dashboard #budgetcool
Plan out launch day and timing on PH #budgetcool
Even more private beta invites #budgetcool
Send out another batch of beta invites from subscriber form #budgetcool
Send out more private invites to subscribers and reddit PMs #budgetcool
Category doesn't show up when budget is being edited #budgetcool
Determine if any feature(s) can be added to incentivize users to come back to the site and add in their transactions regularly #budgetcool
Send out first email to subscribers, talk about upcoming product updates #budgetcool
Add total at the bottom of the budgets page #budgetcool
Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 5.16.55 PM.png
Send out more private beta invites #budgetcool
Another round of private beta invites sent out #budgetcool
Start writing content for subscription email to send out #budgetcool
Start writing up first email to go out to subscribers #budgetcool
Send out another batch of private beta invites #budgetcool
Another block of private invite codes sent out #budgetcool
Users should not be able to enter in budgets for 0.00 #budgetcool
Send out invite codes to the users who subscribed to the form on the landing page #budgetcool
Setup deployment for the actual app portion #budgetcool
Setup bitbucket repo for the actual app portion #budgetcool
Add screenshots of app to landing page section #budgetcool
Test and tweak landing page on tablet and mobile #budgetcool
Add in Twitter/OG/default meta data to landing page #budgetcool
Develop the landing page #budgetcool
Mailchimp integration with newsletter/beta sign up form #budgetcool
Prepping for landing page and app deployments #budgetcool
Deployment and buddy integration issues fixed #budgetcool
Add screenshots with a faux-screen border to the landing page #budgetcool
Grab screenshots of app dashboard, budgets, and transactions pages with a decent amount of data added in #budgetcool
Develop footer of the landing page #budgetcool
Fix jsonp/cors errors with mailchimp list subscription via ajax requests #budgetcool
Finish up pricing blocks and email sign-up form html on the landing page #budgetcool
Determined adding streak for incentives would be the opposite of helping users spend less money #budgetcool
Add email signup form on landing page #budgetcool
Pricing section developed for landing page #budgetcool
Features section developed for landing page #budgetcool
Implement html for email subscription box on the landing page #budgetcool
Tweak Mailgun settings and implementation #budgetcool
More MX record debugging and setup #budgetcool
Royalty-free images for landing page graphics #budgetcool
Mobile optimization for sign-in and registration pages #budgetcool
Edits to Taro static site generator for landing page #budgetcool
Create separate assets pipeline for non-app assets (landing page, etc) #budgetcool
Started development of landing page blade tmeplates. #budgetcool
Set up asset compiler pipeline for landing page #budgetcool
Get separate static site setup with Taro to be used for the landing page #budgetcool
Optimize CSS for tablet and mobile browsers #budgetcool
Test site on tablet and mobile browsers #budgetcool
Develop email to be sent out every (week|month) detailing users' activity and spending trends #budgetcool
Develop email to be sent out if user hasn't added a transaction in 2 weeks #budgetcool
Set the landing page as #budgetcool
Set the application as #budgetcool
Develop email to be sent out if user hasn't added a transaction in 5 days #budgetcool
Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 5.51.17 PM.png
Display a message to the user on the analytics screen, if they don't have any budgets/transactions added in #budgetcool
Test out account from scratch, determine if anymore issues present with transaction flow #budgetcool
Create a list of ~200 invite codes for wip peeps and betalist #budgetcool
Get mailgun account set up for #budgetcool
Display messages back to the user when they don't have any budgets/transactions added in #budgetcool
Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 3.27.33 AM.png
Change 'Analytics' to 'Stats' #budgetcool
Decide if the site should be in private or public beta #budgetcool
Add in isLoading boolean for components to determine loading status (prevent empty/new accounts from spinning) #budgetcool
Stop referencing length in data for loading status #budgetcool
Categories in dropdowns should only be from users who created them #budgetcool