💎 Release new version 1.1.0 of #wipfred
Add keyboard shortcuts to quick launch #wipfred commands
Change labels and placeholders #wipfred
change placeholder search text on wip find command #wipfred
fix query limit on wip find command which was default 20 and now max 100 #wipfred
refactor commands. wip list to list todos and mark selected as done. wip done to create todo and mark as done. wip todo to create todo. #wipfred
Refactor wipfred commdans. "wip done" to create and mark as done, "wip todo" to create a new pending todo, "wip find" to search pending todos and select one to be marked as done. #wipfred
Create and mark todo as done in #wipfred
fixing new wip done comman #wipfred
add better command interface with list of commands and description. #wipfred
todo check multiple commands #wipfred
add create todo command #wipfred
add notifications if todo completed #wipfred
add message and custom command to add wip.chat api key #wipfred
complete todos by selecting them #wipfred
remove completed todos from query #wipfred
Fetch todos and filter by input #wipfred
read about alfred env variables #wipfred
scaffold alfred workflow #wipfred