fix height of cards on firefox #archmaps
fix modal on mobile #archmaps
alot of thing, fixed buuugs and stuff really, its true, its just that i forgot to log them in wipchat #archmaps
feedback bot ! #archmaps so i made a small feedback box where i ask for feedback and when the user send it, ArchBot forward me directly the feedback, so nice
finish frontend for feedback box, now i need to do swetuff in backend with the data #archmaps
fought against sequelize and won and now i have cities and countries in their own table so i can group and stuff, thats cool #archmaps
Make the Map Homepage Again MMHA #archmaps
display description as markdown #archmaps
make twitter page bit more fancy #archmaps
post new building on twitter #archmaps
Disabled send button and add a loader when submitting a new building #archmaps
better card ayout so its less broken #archmaps
import prod db and content in local so i can things thing #archmaps
remove wrong image from @yesnoornext publication on #archmaps
make building page mobile-friendly #archmaps
add google analytics to google tag manager #archmaps
implement google tag manager #archmaps
add dynamic meta kind of working on buildings page #archmaps
add meta og on homepage #archmaps
fix all image display with object-fit cover position 50 50 its nice #archmaps
fix a bug when the reference link was displayed when empoty but that wasn't a bug actually, its just that i was dumb #archmaps
show review/score on building page with vote and everything, wow #archmaps
redirect to 404 page if there is no corresponding building #archmaps
figure out the twitter auth, actually i had a bug with sequelize, again #archmaps
lost 2 hours setting up the db because i forgot i need a .sequelizerc config fil #archmaps
basics of api server #archmaps
404 page because this is really important for a MVP #archmaps
added some buildings in taipei #archmaps
configure #archmaps domain and nginx config
configue #archmaps server and deploy app
made logo and tried some idont know, mise en contexte in french #archmaps