Mac mockup for landing page #hustl
Distribute beta 2 amongst first betatesters #hustl
Compile v0.0.2-beta #hustl
Disable start recording shortcut #hustl
Fix visual bug - cropper fullscreen button + background not hiding on record #hustl
Add a timestamp to each new filename so it doesn't conflict when saving video (suggested by @ksaitor) #hustl
Specify how often it takes a screenshot – calculate video duration (suggested by @ksaitor) #hustl
Add TOS / legal stuff #hustl
Add background color to cropper window so it's more intentional and visible #hustl
Add a way to easily record fullscreen (suggested by @ksaitor and @jonnotie) #hustl
Save Video window: translucent title bar overlaps window (reported by @jurn_w and @jonnotie) #hustl
Stop 'n' export window: change title #hustl
Be more specific about which data I track in Settings page (suggested by @jonnotie) #hustl
Add "share your time-lapse" section (MVP'd with Typeform) #hustl
Configure Mailchimp & add email form #hustl
Distribute beta 0.0.1 with first betatesters #hustl
Add video to landing page #Hustl
Integrate Gumroad #hustl
Asar.unpack now working and unpacking scripts ✨#hustl
Get first functional compiled artifact for first betatesting ✨ #hustl
Compile first beta artifact and get the expected unexpected "compiled, not dev env app" behavior #Hustl
Icon .icns + analytics #hustl
App color scheme, custom views #hustl
Add output quality selector #hustl
Fix critical error "[libx264 @ 0x7fbb51003e00] height not divisible by 2 (1918x987)" #hustl
Export script: set default export path to prevent exporting if not argument provided #hustl
Prevent scripts from accidentally deleting program files when no directory is passed as argument #hustl
Discarding temp screenshot files when closing window! #hustl
Exporting final video to custom file location #hustl
Fix "BrowserWindow is not a constructor" (???) runtime error #hustl
Fix bug regarding capture position #hustl
Make screenshot take crop window into consideration #hustl
Correctly exporting timelapse from individual shots stored in temp dir. It works! #hustl
Get familiar with the ffmpeg convert/export workflow #hustl
Write down the closed and clear list of intended features #hustl
Design wireframe v2 based on feedback #hustl
Define critical, nice-to-have and for future versions features based on feedback #hustl
Re-read all the feedback #hustl
Redesign the logo to make the eye more like an eye #hustl
Share first rough wireframe with focus group #hustl
Design first (very) rough wireframe #hustl
Design first paper handrawn mockup #hustl
Post first community message on the group #hustl
Get my first Facebook ban for using it too aggressively when talking with hundreds of potential users :( #hustl
More on community building and segment validation: get 40 people strongly interested in the product #hustl
Get 30 people that love/need the product #hustl
Define roadmap to launch #hustl
Get first 20 people that love / badly need the product #hustl
Get the first "I need this" feedback about the idea (still in search of problem/solution fit ✨) #hustl
Post first validation message for segment 1: artists #Hustl