Promoted on socialmedia during higher traffic time #ismovielikebook
Magic @pugson got my logo on telegram fixed #ismovielikebook
Public launch of to social media. 😄 (PH launch next week tho.) #ismovielikebook
Filling out more Preview Hunt #ismovielikebook
Asked FB to choose between my new logo ideas #ismovielikebook
Received awesome, updated gif for PH thumbnail from @marcantoinefon #ismovielikebook
Started working on my PH launch using PreviewHunt #ismovielikebook
put up captcha on new registration page to cut down on the number of spam accounts 😕 #ismovielikebook
Post-mini-launch: tweaked a lot of little things #ismovielikebook
Made changes from feedback #ismovielikebook
Mini launch to FaceBook. Getting users and next round of feedback on live sitenow. #ismovielikebook
Solved all the poop that came at me in the site before I tried to launch. #ismovielikebook
Solved yesterday's rando new major issue! *happy dancing* Ready for soft launch the next time I can sit down with this! #ismovielikebook
Asked J for help with migration error #ismovielikebook
Table flipped (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ when I was about to launch and a major new error appeared that is stumping me 😧 #ismovielikebook
Solved some of the import hiccups #ismovielikebook
Figured out how to import the list of 2000 books #ismovielikebook
started the domain pointing process #ismovielikebook
pushing first draft of mvp to hosting right meow #ismovielikebook
improved how star ratings are working #ismovielikebook
made login/logout smoother #ismovielikebook
Within a week I got an idea and then I blinked and next thing I know I have nearly finished coding the MVP 🙌 🙌 #ismovielikebook