improve todo design #wip (thanks for feedback @levelsio)
allow empty answer body if has attachment #wip
downgrade heroku postgres database add-on (cuz $200/mo one was overkill) #wip
upgrade to paid simple analytics subscription #wip
when a user adds a new todo for a specific product, we now show the number of pending todos in that product instead of the total pending todos in the account #wip
switch to domain for avatar generation #wip
remove old database add-on #wip
allow telegram syncing to be disabled on a per-user basis /cc @levelsio #wip
Send automated heads up email for annual membership renewal #wip
Add support for undoing subscription cancellation #wip
Retry failed payments when new credit card is added #wip
differentiate between username and telegram_username allowing for separate username on the website #wip
dont set default time zone for pending todos #wip