A community of makers shipping together
add @mention auto-complete to answers #wip
add unique index to user_id (only one Twitch::User per WIP user) and twitch_user_id (canโ€™t have the same Twitch user for multiple WIP users) on Twitch::User #wip
show real-time chat preview on homepage #wip
add time/date to #wip answers and questions (cc @dantelex)
ask user whether they want their username to be changed on the site, when a username change is detected #wip
rescue from telegram api flood wait #wip
make clicking on links in answers open it in new tab ( h/t @bartboch ) #wip
remove hashtag links when product is deleted #wip
inform user to click โ€œStartโ€ after they click โ€œReceive magic link via Telegramโ€ h/t @PeterSanchez #wip
consider using sequential plugin for slugs #wip
renew twitch webhook lease #wip
prevent users from destroying their question if it already has answers #wip
make welcome page more welcoming #wip
show images on Telegram when posted through menubar app #wip
fix registration code that looks for invite with null token #wip
make sure Answers are properly identified with schema.org (maybe @id is not unique by using anchors? #wip
add API token reset function #wip h/t @sanderfish
make @mentions case insensitive #wip
show โ€œsubscribeโ€ checkbox when answering a question (cc @ndethore) #wip
fix slash escaping underscores in different message formats #wip
add "nofollow" to links in todos #wip
reverse group permissions. set group default to full restrictions and make @wipbot unrestrict members #wip
fix line-height of URLs on profile page #wip
wip fix line-height.png
handle case where GPS is sent, but there's no previous location set #wip
improve design of Questions on about page #wip
wip questions abbout.png
fix padding between makers #wip
Pasted Image.png
set custom open graph image for invite links as links in Twitter DMs are confusing #wip
explain why we don't allow asking for upvotes in community guidelines #wip
ask users with missing email address to add one #wip
invite top betalist startups #wip
fix bug where todo permalinks aren't updated when user's username changes #wip
add space to bottom of pending page #wip (via @Kiruio)
optimize expanded todo for mobile #wip
ensure adding product updates user so "X products" tab has correct product count #wip
add back timestamp to non-expanded todos, because I miss quickly seeing when a todo was added #wip
upgrade to redis 4 and sidekiq 6 #wip
fix bug where completing a todo in one wipbot-enabled chat while dropping an image in another wipbot-enabled chat would attach that image to the todo #wip
update product and user cache when deleting making #wip
only show accepted makers in product/product partial (e.g. https://wip.chat/products ) #wip
publish bettertouchtool widget #wip
introduce new members to other new members (they have shared experience) h/t @adriaanvanrossum #wip
prevent duplicates votes #wip
enrich new users with clearbit (get name, avatar, location, bio, etc) #wip
fix https://wip.chat/groups design so I can link it in onboarding email #wip
ask for location during onboarding #wip