create pull request for #wip that retries failed payments when the user adds a new credit card 💳
Finished my first #wip pull request, before your next subsciption renewal you will now receive a heads up email.
make emails case insentive (for requesting magic link, etc) #wip h/t @devjani
remove coffeescript #wip
remove applause button from @wipbot todos because nobody uses them and they up a lot of room #wip
take into account user time zone when sending daily digest #wip
allow any user to enable their daily digest email #wip /cc @Jankeesvw
fix navbar centering #wip
prevent "new product" modal from being accidentally dismissed from user page #wip
use box shadow presets for more consistent styling and simpler css #wip
move nav to sidebar inspired by twitter and @levelsio #wip
replace neat css framework with native css grid #wip
re-enable todo sorting and do it in one database query #wip /cc @adriaanvanrossum
upgrade database #wip
full vacuum todos table so postgresql runs smoothly again. h/t @swizec for help #wip