Take out unused content from dashboard views #larametrics
Allow a user to add in custom alerts to notify them of (specific or general) model changes #larametrics
Determine notification 'checks' that should be used. e.g. if request comes from X, notify user. If model Y changed, notify user. #larametrics
If expiration days and/or expiration amount is set to 0, ignore that check #larametrics
In addition to expiring models/requests by age in the database, add optional field for expire by amount in the table #larametrics
Add a check when creating the request object to see if the #larametrics requests should be ignored
Add a field in the config file to ignore requests from all #larametrics routes
Make sure that reverting changes updates the database directly instead of going through Eloquent #larametrics
Add in a 'revert to this change' button with functionality for each model change #larametrics
Add in view to show details of an individual request item #larametrics
Create migration, model, and controller for requests #larametrics
Add in view to show all logged request items #larametrics
Determine how best to revert changes, e.g. the original column or via the previously-created model change (if applicable) #larametrics
Determine how the requests section will be used, add to-dos for it #larametrics
Add in config option for model log expiration, if set models are removed after X days in the db, otherwise they're there forever #larametrics
Create and add in a separate service provider for event listening #larametrics
Display the changes for each column in their own block, with text highlighted red/green in both a-la github #larametrics
Create a view to show the specific changes from a database update #larametrics
Determine MVP feature list #larametrics
Create a view to show the full changes to a model #larametrics
Either under model name block (or on its own), show a table with the most recent changes to that model #larametrics
Display a block with each model name being monitored, along with the row count in the db #larametrics
Paginate and organize the log items using Vue #larametrics
Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 10.48.31 PM.png
Have the logs menu item actually navigate to the logs page #larametrics