Keep all the webhooks for later use
convert actions into channels for future enhancement #hookeepr
put plan limit into config and can be adjusted by env setting #hookeepr
create new bucket will check with user plan first #hookeepr
standardsize success and error json return for webhook, return need subscription if limit over in webhook response #hookeepr
configure if webhooks limit hit, prompt user for subscription in return API #hookeepr
start working on subscription #hookeepr
working out pricing & detail for #hookeepr , start it something simple first I guess
tweak how the filter should work #hookeepr
replace logo n favicon on the app site #hookeepr
working on new logo #hookeepr 2.0
change the slack action to more presentable #hookeepr
added webhook for the new Action feature #hookeepr
added activity log to track new user added and new user login for status purpose #hookeepr
soft-launch v2 , not really finish but launch fast and interate #hookeepr
fixed icons / GA / crisp for soft launch ready #hookeepr