Simple Analytics
Privacy-friendly analytics
Fix issue with websockets not loading when logged in #simpleanalytics
Deploy unique page views functionality in our public scripts #simpleanalytics
Verify signature of Stripe webhooks #simpleanalytics
Update user status based on Stripe webhook events #simpleanalytics
Kill all money related notifications in Telegram #simpleanalytics
Hide cookies from sub domains and only place them on naked domain #simpleanalytics
Count crawler in Redis to see impact on server in (cc @daniellockyer) #admin #simpleanalytics
Improve #chat to send message after user navigates #simpleanalytics
Channel for feature requests (like up/downvote) #simpleanalytics
Make pricing more clear (via @0xmjk: '$108' as main number and with smaller type underneath '$9 / month'. Also to add colour to the selected option on monthly/yearly switch. Possibly the blue and text displayed with grey for accessibility) #simpleanalytics
Add tumblr as special website in our script to get complete referrer instead of (via #simpleanalytics
Move database backups process to a different server or optimize the process #simpleanalytics