Simple Analytics
Privacy-friendly analytics
Parse t.ubmlr URLs when given via older browser that don’t respect meta referrer origin tag #simpleanalytics
Write acceptance tests for queue app with test running from endpoint to database entries #simpleanalytics
Redirect to /websites when logged in on homepage (via @levelsio) #simpleanalytics
Fix typo in bassically in weekly stats email #simpleanalytics
Update to in #docs #simpleanalytics
Build super basic email where customers get a notification to go to their stats #simpleanalytics (via @marckohlbrugge)
Fix Access-Control-Allow-Origin for every Simple Analytics website #simpleanalytics
Add navigation when in day view to the next and previous day #simpleanalytics
Fix total page view script so it also updates correctly and does not readd empty hours #simpleanalytics