Simple Analytics
Privacy-friendly analytics
Implement robot blocking by IP with a list of #simpleanalytics
Show pages as % of total in the graph the same as with referrer hovers (via @lseelenbinder) #simpleanalytics
Channel for feature requests (like up/downvote) #simpleanalytics
Compare stats between two time periods #simpleanalytics (via @lseelenbinder)
Show pages breakdown when on specific referral page (like on here to see what pages are people looking at from a referral #simpleanalytics (via Paweล‚)
Add public stats of people that opt-in #simpleanalytics
Script for scrolling, marketplace with scripts or premade stat collectors #simpleanalytics
Entry pages (For entry pages, I mean a way to see if a page was visited from via an internal link or external referral. This helps isolate how traffic flows into the site and through the site. Obviously this wouldn't be perfect since you're not tracking individual sessions. via @lseelenbinder) #simpleanalytics
Add 6 months and yearly shortcuts with week / month intervals (via @JustinNoelDev) #simpleanalytics
Make users swtich to yearly plan themselves #simpleanalytics
Add unique visitors count based on referrer #simpleanalytics
Add 2FA (two factor authentication) (via @mahnouel) #simpleanalytics
Send email when trial is almost over #simpleanalytics
Referrals by page (Basically, it'd be helpful to see which referrals lead to which pages. That way I can see if searches are more likely to land on the home page or the pricing page, etc. via @lseelenbinder) #simpleanalytics
Fix video loading in Safari and blocking the rest of the page #simpleanalytics
Compare stats (percentage) with same period before #simpleanalytics (via @gvrizzo)
Use some kind of bell graph alert of 80% for traffic spikes #simpleanalytics (via @marckohlbrugge)
Add bounce rate based on unique visits #simpleanalytics
Add blocking based on IP to UX and automate it #simpleanalytics
Add password login (magic links via email are not always the fasted way) #simpleanalytics
Show full website path of referrers (via @dinkydani21) #simpleanalytics
Make the account link in navbar more clear #simpleanalytics
Make Excel sheet of subscribers who canceled and didnโ€™t answer to first feedback mail #simpleanalytics
Fix typo in "A simple log function so the user knows why a request is not being send" #simpleanalytics (via Fade)
Add percentages somehow of top pages (via @Amritnagi) #simpleanalytics
Add tumblr as special website in our script to get complete referrer instead of (via #simpleanalytics
Fix tooltip on homepage (it's too wide via @menjilx) #simpleanalytics
Add to the docs what browsers are supported with the embed script #simpleanalytics
Make pricing more clear (via @0xmjk: '$108' as main number and with smaller type underneath '$9 / month'. Also to add colour to the selected option on monthly/yearly switch. Possibly the blue and text displayed with grey for accessibility) #simpleanalytics
Explain on the #docs how people can add their websites #simpleanalytics
Counter on homepage with "xxx tracking free visits" #simpleanalytics
Write about โ€œHow to build privacy focused productsโ€ (via @IamDayal) #simpleanalytics
Fix uncentered signup boxes on mobile (via @lastnamefirst) #simpleanalytics
Make a content marketing plan and get found on great keywords #simpleanalytics
Give privacy-oriented non-profits the option to use Simple Analytics #simpleanalytics
Add SRI and versioning to scripts so people can embed them safely (via @fharper) #simpleanalytics
Move database backups process to a different server or optimize the process #simpleanalytics
Put us in marketplaces of Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Shopify #simpleanalytics
Think about best way to visualise real time visits (via @yesnoornext) #simpleanalytics
Make list of companies to contact to offer SA in exchange for their name and public stats #simpleanalytics
Add docs on Vue and Gridsome plugin #simpleanalytics
Create daily/weekly/monthly summary email #simpleanalytics
Add custom domain options to Vue plugin #simpleanalytics
Make users drag and drop referrals so long tails get parts of bigger ones like for (via @fiiva) and after approve make company wide setting #simpleanalytics
Reset stats functionality for customers #simpleanalytics
Add to show aggregated stats from last 1/7/30 days and optional top referrals (via @levelsio) #simpleanalytics
Add light blue apes behind bars when there are no page views for the date range #easteregg #simpleanalytics
Improve #chat to send message after user navigates #simpleanalytics
Hide cookies from sub domains and only place them on naked domain #simpleanalytics
Write #docs page for resellers and how to use our API (via #simpleanalytics
Figure out how to implement simple datepicker (via @pugson #simpleanalytics
Add page how to unblock blockers or whitelist Simple Analytics #simpleanalytics
Add date shortcuts in URL like today, tomorrow, beginofmonth, this year, ... #simpleanalytics
Fix incorrect naming of devices based on inner width (via @Bramzor, #simpleanalytics
Add link to privacy policy when customers sign up with credit card #simpleanalytics
Add read-only email invites for private websites so customers can share their data #simpleanalytics
Explain difference between private and public when adding website #simpleanalytics
Add steps to onboarding with check marks #simpleanalytics
Add different options to install script to include Wordpress, Wix, ... #simpleanalytics
Count crawler in Redis to see impact on server in (cc @daniellockyer) #admin #simpleanalytics
Add info about cookie banners and requirements (none) for GDPR to #docs #simpleanalytics
Add tool to remove referral spammers #simpleanalytics
Add selected time zone in UI and when website owner clicks on it go to settings (via @gvrizzo) #simpleanalytics
Add link between account settings and website settings for easy navigations (via @gvrizzo) #simpleanalytics
Remove icons from screen widths (the show devices, it's screen width) (via @levelsio) #simpleanalytics
Add pauze subscription for users that want to disable their subscription for a few months are enable it later #simpleanalytics
Add landings page on customers domain where users can see and delete their data (via @marckohlbrugge) #simpleanalytics
Add info to spikes where traffic is coming from #annotations (via @marckohlbrugge) #simpleanalytics
Show better feedback after saving a custom domain with comment to update the embed code (via @alinacsava) #simpleanalytics
Add welcome email for new team members when adding them #business #simpleanalytics
Show first pages of referrals so you can see where users most landed on from referrers (via @alinacsava) #simpleanalytics
Add left and right arrow for other periods than days #simpleanalytics (via @lseelenbinder)
Make users change their email themselves (taking too much time of support) #simpleanalytics
Fix text color in referral warning #simpleanalytics
Add navigation to next and previous month/ week (via @lseelenbinder @KhromeDotDev) #simpleanalytics
Fix click on logo on referral page and link to same page or (via #simpleanalytics
Add real time visitors badge in v0.1 form (via @marckohlbrugge) #simpleanalytics
Update homepage to show more features #simpleanalytics
Make us available for (open) startups in exchange for exposure (with badge and or public stats via @Jankeesvw @marckohlbrugge) #simpleanalytics
Remove sa_cookie from events (via @MatiasKlemola) #simpleanalytics
Add toggle on dashboard with multiple websites to sync the y axis over all preview charts #simpleanalytics
Inform users about #pricing in a nice way #simpleanalytics
Export time serie of data to Excel sheet with multiple tabs and a smart overview to let people play with their data #simpleanalytics
Add campaigns page with utm_campaign params (via Robert Rees see email) #simpleanalytics
Check integratation with and see if we can use it #simpleanalytics
Sort the overview of sites (on the dashboard) based on activity (via support tg) #simpleanalytics
Automatically forward people to events when using an app when they donโ€™t have page views #simpleanalytics
When clicking on a specific link, the details (below the graph) should be for that link, not the whole site #simpleanalytics
Add time on site, so customers can evaluate if people read my articles #simpleanalytics
Add simplified regex to hide certain pages from public websites #simpleanalytics (via @NathanaelKhodl)
Fix link to open source script in our #docs #simpleanalytics
Create shareable link with private dashboards #simpleanalytics
Send reminder email for VAT details to companies inside the EU #simpleanalytics
Add docs for unblocking Simple Analytics (@@|| and link to if from our ad-block warning when embedding a graph #simpleanalytics