improved the site speed #yukorabbit (Load time of (w. Pingdom Tools 1097 ms. Size: 1.8 MB. Requests: 38. )
social share buttons share the links with shortened emoji url (🦄🐇.ws) by default #yukorabbit
fixed the broken search result screen #yukorabbit
put the webfonts on Bunny CDN #yukorabbit
improved some text and description #yukorabbit
fixed some compatibility issues of wordpress #yukorabbit
make Sendy (newsletter app) work w/ GDPR consent #yukorabbit
deployed the staging site I've been working for 1 year (finally!) #yukorabbit
updated the coming soon page (removed the countdown & narrow CTA down to one) #yukorabbit
fixed typo (thanks to my long-time supporter John) #yukorabbit