Implement ajax getting of method code for individual pages instead of manual copy pasting #incomerankings
Contact support to fix another 400 error and setup an uptime robot and support note to take care of this issue faster from now on #incomerankings
Contact namecheap support to fix 400 error #incomerankings
Add bondora investing method #incomerankings
Redesign method modals with previous/next method buttons #incomerankings
Implement a force modal open function to be used for previous/next method buttons #incomerankings
Fix an issue with sorting falsely changing direction in certain situations #incomerankings
Add reddit to the featured on section and fix an issue with the wip button not darkening #incomerankings
Reply to reddit comments and emails #incomerankings
Fix an issue with database not opening as utf-8 #incomerankings
Fix an issue with font-awesome #incomerankings
Count up/down profit as a vote as well but not in addition to up/down votes #incomerankings
Add sitemap and submit to google search console #incomerankings
Make links open in new tabs #incomerankings
Set up cron job backups #incomerankings
Add missing individual method pages #incomerankings
Respond to comments and emails #incomerankings
Fill up the remaining methods #incomerankings
Fill up bitcoin trading, ebay selling and fiverr freelancing data and announce the final launch date! #incomerankings
Add disabled hrefs for each method button #incomerankings
Add recording of modal openings as pages in analytics #incomerankings
Implement individual htmls for each method to have actual different pages for each one #incomerankings
Various SEO improvements #incomerankings
Add www to non-www redirect #incomerankings
Add user last visit to db #incomerankings
Fix an issue with voters text and announce current status on twitter #incomerankings
Fix a problem with yesterday's stats tab redesign on low resolutions #incomerankings
Add a login prompt if on the profile page while not logged in and add darkmode to the submit forms #incomerankings
Change all passivity and difficulty texts to be shown according to the db value for future crowdsourcing #incomerankings
Apply all the latest additions & changes to the server and fix some issues #incomerankings
Implement voting on profitability and some redesigning #incomerankings
Implement upvote/downvote user list to stats tab #incomerankings
Fill up amazon selling guides and videos tabs #incomerankings
Add user last login to database #incomerankings
Add http to https redirect rule #incomerankings
Add open graph meta tags #incomerankings
Replace brain emoji with graduation cap for better compatibility #incomerankings
Fix an issue with rank calculation #incomerankings
Fix issues with the server and implement method voting impact to update in real time #incomerankings
Finally, successfully deploy the main site on the domain! #incomerankings
Implement all the onload updates on login and fix various bugs and inconsistencies #incomerankings
Further prepare the main website to be ready for the server #incomerankings
Add a chat tab on profile modal that links to the telegram group #incomerankings
Implement follow of Income Rankings and Step-by-Step on twitter for login #incomerankings
Research for setting up the main website on the server #incomerankings
Add commas to methods upvoted/downvoted list in profile page for readability #incomerankings
Fix an issue with some modals not opening on custom urls after code overhaul #incomerankings
Implement major code overhaul, cleanup and better database integration for methods data #incomerankings
Implement more descriptive custom urls for methods #incomerankings
Publish the first post on and connect it to its relevant Income Rankings method #incomerankings
Fully finish the submit section and create relevant gmail filters #incomerankings
Minor design improvements and fixes #incomerankings
Implement a featured methods section #incomerankings
Add tooltips to various labels #incomerankings
Finalize the rest of the submit forms' design and functionality #incomerankings
Finish the overall implementation of the submit function #incomerankings
Continue work on submit form mailing #incomerankings
Finish designing the guides section and all the other sections #incomerankings
Design the guides section of methods modals and start filling in content #incomerankings
Implement the basic mail sending code #incomerankings
Random design improvements, fixes and cleanup #incomerankings
Design the stats display in modals #incomerankings
Fix and finalize the submit form design #incomerankings
Finish the basic submit form design #incomerankings
More design improvements #incomerankings
Random design improvements and fixes #incomerankings
Replace default alerts with alertifyjs - also way nicer on the eyes #incomerankings
Add rounded corners to all modals and images - way nicer on the eyes #incomerankings
Redesign and fix all modal sizes #incomerankings
Implement modal tabs for methods #incomerankings
Continue work on modal tabs and fix a design bug #incomerankings
Begin work on modal tabs, implement the basic code #incomerankings
Improve the way all types of text are displayed, both in light mode and dark mode #incomerankings
Implement dynamic titles for modals and do some fixing and code cleanup #incomerankings
Fix and fully finish the modal url system #incomerankings
Finalize the modal url changing system #incomerankings
Figure out how to show modal when entering its hash url and clicking a modal changing url to its hash url #incomerankings
More database-related backend/frontend work and backup #incomerankings
Add privacy policy and terms of service #incomerankings
Figure out how to verify credentials successfully and integrate python-twitter wrapper #incomerankings
General design improvements and fixes, added disclaimer #incomerankings
Implement user-specific data sending from backend and displaying for window.onload #incomerankings
Implement frontend rank data collection and displaying #incomerankings
Implement method rank and number of votes checker and sender to frontend #incomerankings
Begin work on window.onload relevant data gathering, processing and displaying from the backend database #incomerankings
Continue work on database/frontend-backend communication and implement one vote per user #incomerankings
Set up google analytics for Income Rankings #incomerankings
Implement vote data adding to database #incomerankings
Open a twitter account for Income Rankings #incomerankings
Add vote data posting to backend #incomerankings
Implement the basic voting interface and code #incomerankings
Begin work on the ranking function #incomerankings
Make some design fixes and backup #incomerankings
Work on the submit and profile interfaces and do some mobile testing #incomerankings
Begin refining all the interfaces and designs #incomerankings
Implement the basic submit and profile interfaces #incomerankings
Improve the login interface and create a telegram group #incomerankings
Implement the login dropdown menu #incomerankings
Fix 'coming soon' page scroll issue and begin refining the login function #incomerankings
Upload the 'coming soon' page to the server and tweet about the current status #incomerankings
Create a 'coming soon' page #incomerankings
Do general code cleanup and backup #incomerankings
Implement the back-end of the database system #incomerankings
Experiment with JSON and TaffyDB for the database system #incomerankings
Begin integrating a database system #incomerankings
Minor design improvments, this week was a slow one due to being busy with other life stuff #incomerankings
Fix position of login button on the navigation bar #incomerankings
Add the main login button that shows the user's profile picture after login #incomerankings
Integrate the twitter login function to the main code #incomerankings
Fix a bug that prevented catching token in twitter login #incomerankings
Implement the basic twitter login function #incomerankings
Write the submit function documentation #incomerankings
Figure out a simple, pure js solution for twitter login #incomerankings
Begin implementing login with twitter #incomerankings
Improve design and implement localStorage #incomerankings
Announce Income Rankings! #incomerankings