design first book cover and a few mockups for upcoming #mj promotion bonus
work on voting mechanics for #mj secret project
finish marketing plan for upcoming MJMS promotion for #mj
in the last 12hrs, added 1.9k New likes to the #mj Facebook page. The page literally had 99 likes 12 hrs ago. This is nuts.
work in new outreach funnel #mj
respond to customer GDPR question on #mj
added updated cookie policy to #mj using iubenda 🙂
added updated privacy policy to #mj using 🙂
stay up until 2:30am working on marketing materials for #mj
add #mj to darkmodelist @AndreyAzimov
get featured on One Funnel A Day to have Cody Burch craft a lead gen funnel for #mj
advertise #mj on
shower LOL j/k I actualled debugged a group creation issue on #mj
schedule MicroConf-related outreach twitter posts for #mj
customer outreach for #mj
add admin utility to create empty groups #mj
fixed profile www problem #mj
fixed issue with #mj group search empty state accidently showing test groups
answer customer support email #mj
fixed bug in Firefox onboarding form thanks to help from @rikschennink #mj
add demonstration video to coming soon page #mj
start to debug Slim image picker issue on Firefox #mj
fixed coupon code acceptance logic #mj
sent the longest tweetstorm ever #mj
omg I just sent out an email to the most people I've ever emailed ever. #mj
post to Insta a square format of the #mj explainer vid
emailed waiting list an invite link to #mj
finished a "good-enough-for-now" explainer video to put on the #mj homepage. (and it even has captions and music) omg yessss
sent video reply to friend who wanted to help promote #mj
fix stripe card error bug that allows ppl in anyway #mj
fix bug where if someone tries to log in via Google before they've created an account, it becomes impossible for them to create an account #mj
talk to customer (H.B.) on the phone. omg such a good convo #mj.
mention something about #mj on twitter
allow states that dont fit neatly into the 2-char "western" model. Many countries don't do it that way. #mj
onboarded 4 new customers. Got amazing feedback. #mj
ask some friends to test out things (serious cringing, sphincter clenching, fingers crossed) #mj
change transactional emails to live mode so customers get their own emails #mj
move ga code to live id #mj
move stripe to live mode #mj
figured out group request compare bug #mj no idea on a solution yet, tho
apply email templates #mj from
formatted group formation request transactional emails in Postmarkapp omg this is a nice tool, with built-in mustache-like email templating engine. #mj hashtag-grokked-in-60-seconds
in promo code UX, when a person enters a promotion code whose discount amt is greater than the plan price, make sure that #mj isn't telling Stripe to put a credit on their payment card. LOLOhShit
in promo code UX, when a person enters a promotion code whose discount amt is greater than the plan price, make sure that #mj isn't showing a negative amount owing. LOLOhShit
allow promocodes and coupons during onboarding of new customers #mj
allow update to payment card #mj
debug plan change pre-pop correct current plan issue #mj
debug plan change w promo change issue #mj
finish promo code apply to Stripe sub in settings > billing #mj
finish promo code verification in settings > billing #mj
validate promo code #mj
finish promo code synch webhook with Stripe #mj
add Stripe webhook listener that syncs new/updated coupon code info back into #mj
added webhook listener for updated Stripe coupon codes #mj
referal tracking code to onboarding in #mj
format current plan card in settings properly #mj
add pricing plan comparison modal #mj
add placeholder pages to coaching and community features not yet ready for Live #mj
add verified badges to #mj compare modals
add verified badges to #mj detail modals
add verified badges to #mj member list profiles
add verified badges to #mj topics
add verified badges to #mj profiles
fixed member create race conditions inside the #mj Firebase functions
got 99 problems but a Stripe idempotency key ain’t one #mj
add webhook endpoint to catch Stripe subscriber failures #mj
add title field to topics #mj
added feature flags to allow rolling out features later. #mj
add very very hastily-made video of ladies of #mj to Instagram account to get the word out about mastermind groups for female entrepreneurs.
remove pwd from new #mj homepage to let a few more peeps see it.
remove Smallchat until I can find a consistent way to move or hide the icon behind modals. #mj
ability to create #mj groups by gender
changed meeting exit survey 0-10 scale to thumbs up - thumbs down emoji #mj
received new testimonials for new #mj site
add coaching tier to Poindexter model for #mj
update my finacial projections in Poindexter for #mj hypothetical pricing models, and see what hypothetical launch discount for current customers will do to run rate with a conservative 5% conversion rate.
group requests, invitations, and applications are now listed on user screen #mj
#mj shit+enter inserts a newline, enter submits message in discussions/chats
group applicant rejection notices are lit #mj
groups can see a list of members who've applied #mj
fixed country select box issue on step to of #mj onboarding
fixed avatar upload in onboarding #mj
added user info to feature flag #mj
added Stripe support #mj
added feature flags support to augment launch rollout #mj
fan out new group applications to member tables #mj in Firebase
group cards for #mj group search
allow #mj groups to select and remove hotseat marker from date picker widget on group dash
allow #mj groups to select and remove hotseat marker.
member compare on mobile is hot garbage. Please to be fixing kthxbye #mj
#mj requests screen (stil needs empty states, tho)
submit #mj group invitations flow changes
fixed bug with #mj group member invite workflow
added new WP theme to #mj
swap out the old MastermindJam homepage for a new coming soon page with a janky timer and everything #mj
replace current #mj homepage with coming soon page containing wait list signup 🏠
turn off checkout ability on current onboarding system to prevent new signups from paying, they go to the waitlist instead. #mj
caught up on customer support queue in #mj helpscout
add react-ga to #mj added GA events to many activities I wanna track.
tightened up the 'update meeting time' feature, removed the clunky modal and just made it an in-situ micro-interaction #mj
tightened up the 'update meeting time' feature, removed the clunky modal and just made it an in-situ micro-interaction #mj
debug next meeting time entry function #mj
allow groups to manually specify their next meeting time #mj
made round robin vs hotseat meeting types have configurable durations per member #mj plus have meeting room honor those defaults (was hard-coded before)
streamlined scss for meeting progress indicators #mj
added conversations/chat to group rooms #mj
added conversations to group formation requests #mj
fixed #mj cancel invite bug
schedule more beta tests with real users tomorrow night #mj to light a fire under my ass
format decline group invitation email on #mj to not look like balls.
figured out group perms bug #mj
format request email template #mj
fix stupid smallchat hiding my modal CTAs #mj
added placeholder for new routes being added tonight #mj
#mj group search layout redesign.
added rollbar's Person support to #mj so if a logged-in user experiences an error, I can contact them when its fixed.
fix message send scrolling issue on key press in modal #mj on mobile
hide smallchat widget on #mj account pause workflow.
hide smallchat widget on #mj messages screen, because it obscures the Send button in the chat modal.
hide smallchat widget on #mj account password edit screen.
hide smallchat widget on #mj account cancel/refund workflows.
added standalone goals route to #mj
added smallchat to #mj, except for pages that collect billing info.
fixed scroll to bottom issue on dashboard activity stream #mj
updated #mj to react-redux-firebase v2.0.0 from v2.0.0-beta19. Noice.
fixed bug with pending requests on #mj dashboard
got rid of confusing tab navs and added new #mj routes instead
added new #mj route for group requests
added new #mj route for group search
added new #mj route for community questions
added new #mj route for goals
reformat group requests for #mj, adding compare button
added google analytics to #mj
refactor group formation request screen for #mj giving the member enough information to make an informed decision.
added favicons to #mj using the elephant graphic @pugson mocked up for me, with permission from original logo author
got rid of tabbed layouts in settings and groups pages #mj in favor of making each tab its own page in the left nav. Simpler == better.
profile photo settings successfully being saved #mj
appearance settings successfully being saved #mj
billing address settings successfully being saved #mj
notifications settings successfully being saved #mj
profile settings successfully being saved #mj
added page title to #mj settings route
fixed weird bug in #mj member list icon button height shifts on mouseover.
Opened laptop today and started work on two things for #mj. Can I add: I’m really proud to let my [modest] WIP streak lapse yesterday. First day in a year that I did no work at all, and just enjoyed time with family. I could’ve phoned it in, and marked “opening gifts” as finished or something equally inane, but that’s not really in the spirit of what we’re about, is it? Cheers to the coming new year, folks!
beginning to track down the weird overflow bug happening on the #mj dashboard. Narrowed the cause to one of 6 things. LOL
fix #mj past notes saving bug.
made a more sane activity feed for #mj
added simple num accepted and num declined to request card. #mj
added num accepted and num declined to group request card, but I hate how it looks. #mj
added a #mj member group requests limit to quell the madness.
send status update email to new #mj customers waiting to be matched.
fixed unread message count bug in #mj header
fan out #mj group requests as necessary on the backend using Firebase functions.
real follower/following numbers on #mj dashboard
fixed issue with 3rd party auth being allowed to access via login screen without first having gone thru #mj onboarding process/payment.
add forgot password page to #mj
fix #mj onboarding screens that got broken in the last update. Two steps forward, one step back.
simplified #mj invite queue icons. No more shenanigans like hiding functions behind mouse overs, just straightforward and simple.
cache followed stats per #mj member
cache votes stats per #mj member
made a draft of PLF email No. 1 for launch of #mj
firebase function to clean up empty #mj meeting sessions
made flexible NPS/CSAT/CES survey component to use for #mj group surveys, meeting exit surveys, and coaching surveys.
revise #mj add to queue buttons
Next I need to reimport the live recs from the previous #mj MongoDB with massaged attributes to match the new schema.
group applicant queue #mj
update #mj search facets
fixed search bug that was causing mult #mj users to be created everytime I touched the db row.
removed all test #mj users with bad data.
broke #mj member search while reorganizing my index. Nice, rill nice, Ken.
Decided to hold off on #mj message editing and deleting fns until after launch. Because who cares rinnow.
finish #mj messaging, and close the laptop for the evening
threaded messages btw #mj members. Let the cyber bullying commence! :D
start tracking events to for training ai for upcoming #mj recommend engine.
draft invite email sequence to past customers #mj
remove the stupid thing I added to #mj this morning. Cmd+z'd about 2.5 hours of work.
finally finished a task that didn't itself spawn fourteen other previously-unknown tasks. smh #mj Close to the point where I can just begin shipping it, though. Many of these new tasks are firmly in the "can wait til after shippt" category.
meeting in progress shortcuts #mj
added underpinnings for public #mj room invites.
use push key instead of datestamp as meeting room id in #mj
fixed utc error #mj
with agenda reorg bug #mj
figure out why rollbar isn’t logging #mj errors properly.
spent last 30 minutes "refining" border radiii on all #mj buttons, probably because procrastinating in the face of the anxiety-inducing task list. Note to self: no more button CSS changes, mkay.
make remaining task list for bare minimum functionality for #mj launch and... omg having a panic attack never going to shiiiiiip.
rewrite video chat session & token generator #mj Firebase function
stop tinkering with the #mj dashboard, Ken, work on the shit that matters!
merged #mj accouunts page with billing, notifications, and appearance settings... all divided by tabs.
allow to merge invite requests for overlapping groups. This might be a nice-to-have, tho. #mj
Someone remind me to update #mj product roadmap at
Sent latest #fridaydispatch newsletter with sneak preview screencaps of #mj.
Combined Account and Settings in #mj because @pugson said its the best. If you don't like it, blame him.
get @pugson to teach me how to write css more efficiently so I can keep #mj dark mode up to date more easily.
customizable compare filters. Def a nice-to-have. See what actual users say. #mj
notification settings in #mj
updated #mj roadmap
Finally finished adding DARK MODE TO THE VIDEO CONFERENCE ROOM holy crap this is wonderful #mj
implement secret project brady bunch on #mj group meeting page
got opentok working in #mj to replace Twilio. Now to style and fine-tune security.
choose between tokbox and twilio for webrtc video chat in #mj. tokbox has amazing docs and amazing sample code that just works out of the box in my app. Twilio is geo-redundant and reliable and I use it for sms already, so would be nice for unified billing (but maybe who cares?) and besides I have a long history of trusting Twilio. But damn, if Twilio video docs couldn't be any more awful. And I can't get their examples working in my React app, so... it might be time to feel the tokbox love.
add Twilio Video dependency to #mj. Bugs already in their sample app. Let the games begin.
Add goals card to My Dashboard view in #mj
completely messed up user profile in the name of science. #mj waits yet another week to ship because of distractions. mdflkdkjdjdjkdfjkfvhd 🙁
make #mj gifs off by default. Must have 4 consecutive meeting streak to enable/re-enable gifs
custom invite message for realz tho #mj
added gif support to all the #mj alert popups. Sorry, not sorry.
member invite email customization layout for #mj. Now, need to wire it up.
spent lunch hour adding giphy support to #mj (time I probably should’ve spent finishing more important tasks, but hey who cares, gives gave me a tiny bit of joy in an otherwise shitty day).
Implement "Me First" sorting on certain lists where a member will see their assets in a list in #mj. E.g. show "my" goals first, before showing the goals of each of the other members of my mm group. Each person will see their own shit first before their peers. My meeting notes, everyone else's, and so on.
Figure out which version of rrf broke #mj login. 2.0.0-beta.8 is stable, all hell breaks loose thereafter.
Ken, fix the #mj login you broke. Durr.